Taking a taxi is the most convenient way from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xijiao Hotel. The distance is about 32 km and the fare is about 120 Chinese Yuan (RMB).

Below is the Hotel’s address and telephone number, and a note to a taxi driver. You can print it and show it to the driver.



Take Airport Express to DONGZHIMEN Station, transfer to the subway Line 13 and get off at WUDAOKOU Station. Walk towards the east along CHENGFU Road. Turn left at the first crossing and walk towards the north along WANGZHUANG Road. Xijiao Hotel is located at the east side of WANGZHUANG Road. It is 10-min walk from the Station to the Hotel.

Please note there is a long transfer corridor at DONGZHIMEN interchange station. The transfer may require 10 minutes to complete during rush hours.

Xijiao Hotel Gate

Xijiao Hotel Gate

Reception (No.5 Building, Beijing Xijiao Hotel)